Multi-Family Housing

The project involves the design and construction of a new mixed-use multi-family residential building in the Libbie Mill section of Richmond, VA for Gumenick Properties. Per the RFP received via email on August 29th, 2018 the residential building (part of Phase 1) is 5 stories above grade with a footprint of 49,550 SF per floor yielding 247,750 SF in total and 200 residential units.
Parking will be located on the adjacent surface lot in the short term; a structured parking garage to the north of Pad 02 is planned for a future phase and is excluded from the scope of this proposal. We assume that there are no below grade levels and there is limited soil retention.
The residential building is framed with wood trusses on stacked wood bearing walls, type 3 construction. We assume approximately 10,000 SF of Ground Floor area will be dedicated to retail and amenity spaces. The framing above these areas will include transfer framing (cast in place concrete or structural steel framing) at the 2nd Floor; the remainder of the building(s) is supported on grade with no transfer podium.

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