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Founded in 2003, Woodbridge Furniture is a high-end home furnishings marketplace brand built on a reputation of classic lines and timeless pieces for modern living. When seeking to relocate their corporate headquarters to match the growth of their continued need to meet customers' expectations for reliable service, quick shipments, and quality products, FEG was able to offer the tilt-up version of their Complete Structural Package™ to ready the 65K SF warehouse space for maximum efficiencies.

Designs for the project's overall steel framing and the tilt-up panel engineering and shop drawings were prepared, including layout drawings dimensioning all panels, openings, reveals, embeds, and reinforcing drawings. All shop drawings were delivered as part of the Construction Documents package and eliminated the wait for the tilt-up subcontractor to submit separate drawings for review. There were 43 panels with a gross area of 38,254 SF, a net area of 36,184 SF, totaling 885 cubic yards of concrete with 3.15 psf reinforcing, plus 8,256 linear feet of architectural reveals and 671 embedded items.

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