January 22, 2019

A New Look for an Improved Structura

In November of 2017, Structura hired their first in-house marketing personnel to prepare for the upcoming changes and excitement that took place in 2018. A 30th anniversary trifecta, we wanted to accomplish three fantastic goals in sch a big year in our history: the revamp of our website, the rounding out of our office in Richmond, and the expansion of specific markets within the company. Not only did we accomplish all three of those goals, but there was so much more unseen by the public eye that took place to achieve these end results.

With the design and publication of a new website, the Structura marketing team wanted to make sure we felt as good as we looked on the inside as the outside. So the decision was made to elevated branding standards and create a clean new look across the board for all of our branded materials. From an official "Structura font" to new e-mail signatures, proposal packages to corporate and market specific brochures, Structura stepped up their game on the design front. Don't believe us? Ask for one of our proposal packages for your next job. Find out more about our Tenant Improvement division with a newly redesigned brochure. or get on overall sense of who we are as a company with our corporate brochure. We promise they're sure to impress.You can even contact us now, right from our newly redesigned website, our shining masterpiece of the year.

As for 2019, the skys the limit, and the challenge awaits to se what our marketing team comes up with next!

Let's build something amazing together.
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