August 6, 2014

When American Truckers Association decided to merge three existing adjacent structures, including two listed on the historic registry, into one office building, they turned to seasoned contractor Forrester Construction to get the job done.

The Challenge

The new design called for a 7-story concrete structure behind the existing historic timber-frame buildings with an underground 2-level parking garage which would extend below the existing buildings. However, site conditions required a solution that would protect the existing buildings while shoring up soil transplanted during grading. When the design team realized that plans for a temporary platform designed to do both interfered with the placement of a slab for the new building, they called in Structura to help facilitate a solution that would represent both interests.

The Solution

Brought on after concepts had already been developed, Structura stepped in to provide conflict resolution between the plans for the temporary shoring and the new construction, designing a temporary bracing system to safely stabilize the existing buildings while construction of the parking garage commenced.

The Takeaway

By lowering the slab for the new building, Structura’s design allowed for both objectives to be met and ensured a successful outcome for the project.

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