January 15, 2019

Structura's anniversary was full of a multitude of different events,projects, and people, but the one closest to our hearts were the volunteer opportunities we accomplished this past year--a trend we plan to expand upon in the future. As a team, we got to go into the different communities we live and work in, to help those in need.

The year started with Bean's & Bread,a service for people in Baltimore struggling with poverty through St. Vincent De Paul Baltimore. This is a homeless day resource program that serves 300 people daily with meals, healthcare, showers, laundry,employment services, housing referrals and placements, mail receipt, and telephone access. We not only started our year here, but continued to provide meals for this service multiple times throughout the year.

Additionally we did food and clothing drives, team members participated in fundraisers and events for a variety of charities, and to close out the year, we participated in an especially wonderful event with the Comfort Cases organization.

Comfort Cases provides a case to a foster child in need, not only offering them new items to keep throughout their journey, but provide them with the dignity and notion that someone cares about what they're going through. A Comfort Case is a small duffel bag or backpack with a purpose to provide comfort for youth as they enter the foster care system. Our case provides the essentials for the first few days in a new place as well as comfort items to help ease a scary transition.

With 2019 already underway, we plan to go back to these proven organizations and donate our time and resources to help those less privileged than ourselves. Have an organization near and dear to your heart that you feel could benefit from us? Please don't hesitate to share, as we're always looking for more opportunities to give back!

Let's build something amazing together.
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