January 8, 2019

As a structural engineering firm, and well, a team full of engineers, the majority of our team would always rather work hard than play hard. At Structura however, we recognize that team bonding, a social atmosphere, and down-time are just as important to the heath of our teams. Although 2018 was a special year full of extra special employee appreciation events being as it was our 30th anniversary, company scheduled events to take our team away from in front of their computers and work wasn't unique to last year. When hiring staff for our company, we look not only for those qualities that make a person the top in their field, we also look for those qualities that give them the potential to be the best, so that we may guide them there. One such quality, is the ability to integrate with our people and company atmosphere. While such fun and exciting social events aren't mandatory, chances are you'll find a big turn out to hang out with our work family. In 2018 we were found:

Racing go-karts for all the glory at the Autobahn in Laural, MD. "Pistol Pete" Pitilis is the current reigning champion, follow not far behind principal Mark Erdman.
Supporting our local breweries and restaurants for Happy Hours
Playing Jenga or foosball in the breakroom
Enjoying a company picnic at principal Jason Dreher's residence
Having Friday team lunches at the Baltimore office
Rounding out the year with a fully catered Christmas Party where our real families get their chance to mingle with our work families

All-in-all 2018 was an outstanding year, and our social committee is brainstorming as we speak on how to make 2019 just as memorable. After all, we have three locations of employees to bring together this year. Challenge accepted.

Let's build something amazing together.
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