Rock Creek Terrace Apartments is an 18 story residential building located in Rockville, Maryland. The building is a post-tensioned concrete structure and includes private cantilevered balconies. The building was constructed in the early 1970s and is an early example of a post tensioned structure for the area. As a consequence, much of the post tensioning detailing is antiquated, specifically the protection of the tendon anchorage which is now showing signs of corrosion and deterioration along the balcony slab edges. Structura performed a condition assessment and prepared prioritized remedial efforts to systematically address concerns relative to the post tensioning anchorage. With the guidance of Structura, management is pursuing a phased approach to the remedial efforts beginning with an initial phase which includes intrusive investigative efforts relative to the post tensioning anchorage at the limits of a single balcony. Using the information gained from this phase of work, Structura will prepare cost effective solutions to the global issues which may be present throughout the building.

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