The building located at 6 Montgomery Village Avenue is a 6-story, steel framed office building that was constructed in the early 1980s.  In July 2017, a portion of the building experienced a sudden vertical displacement, initially thought to foundation settlement. Structura performed an intrusive forensic investigation and determined that an exterior steel column corroded and failed, causing the sudden vertical displacement. During the forensic investigation Structura also discovered that many other exterior columns were severely deteriorated which prompted the closure of the building for safety reasons. The severity of the column deterioration required immediate remedial action which included temporary column shoring, hydraulic jacking of failed columns, and the installation of steel reinforcing at the base of 19 exterior columns.  Structura designed and coordinated emergency shoring and remedial efforts efforts in real time alongside property management and several rehabilitation contractors to successfully complete the column repairs and reopen the building in only 33 days.

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